Wish List

Wish to do, wish to make, wish to wish to,…
A list in progress, it will be long, but it will be eventful and full of fun,
in no particular order,
and of course food related…
There is no time limit, no deadline whatsoever, if I get there I will, if not, it doesn’t matter
Oh and it is never going to be finished,
as long as people keep making and trying new recipes
When I do something it will be magically transferred to the DID & DONE page
(If I were to combine travel and food it would be a different list!)

  1. Make fall apart, melt in your mouth spare ribs from happiness stan lives here
  2. Make cheesecake from almonds from kara’s crumbs
  3. Make fig newtons from kara’s crumbs
  4. Make calcot sauce from spanish sauce
  5. Make plushkas from while chasing kids
  6. Make a recipe book with my favourite ones together with photos and stories
  7. Make a recipe calendar
  8. Make soft pretzels
  9. Make cold soup for summer
  10. Make pea, lemonand egg-drop soup
  11. Make gazpacho Ajo Blanco
  12. Make curried zucchini soup
  13. Make creamy cauliflower soup with greens
  14. Make cold tomato buttermilk soup
  15. Make chilled garlic and spinach soup
  16. Make chilled spicy tomato soup
  17. Make Chilled carrot soup
  18. Make chilled bloody Mary soup with crabmeat
  19. Make Avocado Cucumber soup with shrimp
  20. Sketch out my vegetable garden on paper like the doomed garden
  21. Make cinnamon roll cake from the ranting chef
  22. Make samoa cupcakes from fork and beans
  23. Make colourful hummus from eating greener
  24. Make a worm farm inspired by the soulsby farm
  25. Make a recipe for passionfruit dressing
  26. Make my own household cleaners as inspired by the adventures of thrive farm
  27. Make my own hair treatment from cloud of lace
  28. Make my own facial scrub from cloud of lace
  29. Make my own mayonnaise from veggiewitch
  30. Make spinach pesto from domesticdivamd
  31. Have tidy kitchen cupboards like dessy and mae
  32. Get my gardening tools in order like twisted ewe
  33. Make my own laundry detergent like barefooting outside the box
  34. Learn to budget better with poor girl organic
  35. Make my own mustard from kitchen bit*h
  36. Make newspaper seedling pots from castle of blue
  37. Make smoked plank salmon from the ranting chef
  38. Make falafels again but with this recipe from joan spiller
  39. Roast Brussels sprout perfectly from the ranting chef
  40. Make buttered fish with coriander, nuts and spring onions from malouprestada
  41. Make this carrot soup from alice in cookingland
  42. Make avocado chutney from sublime palate
  43. Make my own tomato soup like truly thriving
  44. Make a custard cake from malouprestada
  45. Make salsa from what to cook?
  46. Make Korean style bean sprout pickles
  47. Make Korean style daikon pickles
  48. Make mashed potato Bengali style from ishita unblogged
  49. Make banana kofta curry from sublime palate
  50. Learn about companion gardening
  51. Make Cuban style black beans from cellargourmet
  52. Make my own chikki
  53. Make biscotti like Joan Spiller
  54. Grow garlic
  55. Grow ginger
  56. Grow carrots
  57. Grow fennel
  58. Find a licorice plant
  59. Grow onions
  60. Grow sunflowers
  61. Plant a fig tree
  62. Grow daikon (long white radish)
  63. Grow coriander and harvest the seeds
  64. Make seaweed fertiliser
  65. Grow bergamot
  66. Get some mason jars and lids and bottle fruit
  67. Make my own tomato sauce
  68. Plant a granny smith apple tree
  69. Grow asparagus
  70. Make a salad from vegetables that I have grown
  71. Make juice ONLY from vegetables and fruit that I have grown
  72. Make my own colourful ravioli from scratch from daisy’s world
  73. Make almond milk
  74. Make my own vinegars
  75. Make sprouted bread
  76. Make rose and mint Turkish delight with pistachio
  77. Make baklava with pistachio
  78. Make horchata/orxata
  79. Make gulab jamun well
  80. Make chapati
  81. Oil my wooden chopping boards and utensils with spoon butter from from scratch club
  82. Bake samosa in the oven
  83. Make berbere spice mix inspired from humblefeast
  84. Make Timballo from REMcooks




8 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Thank you for the shout out … I cannot believe some of the things you HAVE done but others you’ve not done ie grow spinach or strawberries! Wow .. Let’s do some together and compare notes. I have multi coloured silverbeet growing – ever done that??

    • I have added your biscotti to the wish list! My list is getting longer and I am slower at crossing the DONE off now. Multi coloured silverbeet sounds wonderful. And no, haven’t grown that either. We had green regular silverbeet growing up. We ate lots of it from the garden. I do remember growing carrots as a kid. I read recently that carrots are very partial to “smooth” soil, no lumps, if they meet a lump it causes them to sprout legs, or to bend around them and give weird shapes.
      I would love to go through the list with you. What would you like to do first? Something easy to get me back on track.

      • OK this deserves more time than I have right now but I wanted to say “Wait up, I’ll be there soon” to discuss *grins* PS I made the biscotti with ginger (crystallised) in it . wouldn’t raaaave about it but it was nice. I dipped the rest of the ginger in dark melted choc and gave it to my Grand-dad who looooved it lol

      • I am so jealous of your Grandad! Lucky him. Looking forward to hearing about the biscotti adventures. Take all the time you need. I am up to my elbows in RL myself. When you have time.

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