Thought that I would add the DID & DONE LIST so I could reduce the WISH LIST

  1. Make sourdough bread from while chasing kids
  2. Make vegetable borsht from while chasing kids
  3. Make seeded crepes from while chasing kids
  4. Make my own chick stock from pink tornadoes
  5. Make french onion soup from humblefeast
  6. Grow mint DOING
  7. Grow green shiso
  8. Learn to grill competently on the gas BBQ
  9. Grow red shiso
  10. Make plum jam from backyard tree DONE
  11. Catch my own fish for dinner DONE
  12. Make Leek Fennel Soup from low amine recipes
  13. Make spinach pakoras from sublime palate
  14. Make a Christmas cake
  15. Make corn chips
  16. Find a pot for my bay tree DONE
  17. Grow kale
  18. Grow spinach
  19. Grow aloe vera DOING but poorly
  20. Fertilise my lemon trees
  21. Fertilise my plum trees
  22. Make roti
  23. Make my own sauerkraut DONE in a mason jar
  24. Make buckwheat noodles/soba noodles from scratch
  25. Make udon noodles from scratch
  26. Make my own garam masala
  27. Make limoncello DONE and it’s all gone
  28. Make chicken liver pate from scratch DONE and YUMM
  29. Make something with pomegranate molasses
  30. Grow rosemary
  31. Grow strawberries FOR THE BIRDS
  32. Grow blueberries
  33. Grow hot red chili pepper varieties
  34. Grow chamomile DOING but poorly, need to move the plants to a better position
  35. Grow garlic
  36. Plant a fig tree
  37. Make Korean style bean sprout pickles
  38. Make soft pretzels



7 thoughts on “DID & DONE

  1. I like the two that say make roti and grow mint.
    Mint is extremely easy to grow and I grow it all the time. A really small planter or pot works great as well. Let me know how it turns out for you. Also if you need any help with roti give me a shout out if you wish. see you around.

    • My roti came out well but I love roti cannai. I’d like to be able to make that. And my mint is in a pot. I haven’t looked after it well. It needs water. I was looking at it this morning. Thanks for the the reminder!

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