Vegetable garden update

There are many way to support tomatoes. I went with the pole approach. I tied up cord, one fore each plant and secured it at the bottom with a rock. Twisty ties, string and like to tie the branches and stems of the tomato plants for support. I chose the hottest time of day to do this job. Hot. Hot. Hot. Do not do as I did. All done now. Let’s see if it works.
Ignore the weeds. You can see that I have. I am going for imperfect gardening this year. If a job gets done it’s a bonus. If it doesn’t get done. Never mind. I got a bee sting on my stomach today! Ouch!


Woolly Nightshade

Common Names: Woolly Nightshade, Tobacco Weed, Flannel Weed, Kerosene Plant, Tobacco Bush Weed, Ear-leaf Tobacco, Wild Tobacco,
Latin Name: Solanum mauritianum
Characteristics: Purple flowers with a yellow centre, felt like grey green leaves, leaves smell like kerosene when crushed, can grow up to 10m tree.

A native plant of South America. Present in New Zealand north of Taupo. This plant was pointed out to me. I didn’t know what it was. I thought it looked quite nice until I was told it was a pest plant. Out it went. It is banished from our land. I will watch out for it just in case it tries to creep back in.

For more details on this invasive pest plant see Waikato Regional Council.

Kahili Ginger

Common Names: Kahili Ginger, Wild Ginger
Latin Name: Hedychium gardnerianum
Characteristics:  Stems up to 2m high. Large scented flower head (25-45cm long). Lemon-yellow flowers with red stamens ( January-March). Large waxy leaves, arranged alternately on stem.

The root systems of the wild ginger spread out and send up new shoots. Very invasive pest plant. I am trying to get rid of the wild ginger. Have removed half of the plants on the land. The rest have been cut back. Will remove each clump until all are gone. This plant is nice to look at but it is invasive and a threat to native forests and plants. Grows anywhere even in the shade. Labelled as a weed in New Zealand.

For more details on this invasive pest plant see NZ Department of Conservation.

Chinese Privet

Common Name: Chinese Privet, Privet
Latin Name: Ligustrum sinense
Characteristics: flowering evergreen shrub that is used as hedging. Shiny green leaves, leaves are opposite each other on the stem. Small white flowers.

Another unwelcome uninvited guest that is in our garden. This plant will keep coming back if cut back to the stump. Immediately paint herbicide over the entire stump surface. Dig out if small.

For more details on this invasive pest plant see Waikato Regional Council.