Something has been eating my spinach

Help me find the culprit! I was having such an easy start to having my own vegetable garden. The plants were growing, I was watering daily, I hoed the rows, removed weeds. Life was sweet. Then I noticed that my plants were shrinking. No, they were being eaten. The whole leaves of the spinach plant are being eaten. Very methodically. I am sharing my garden with perhaps a possum? Are they vegetarians? I think I need a net. Not so happy now.
There’s more. I checked my kale plants and the underside of the leaves were covered in a white flying bug. Horror! I checked the internet and decided to blast them with water. I tried that last night. That might work. We shall see. Progress is being made. I am learning to share. That is why I decided to add spinach to my juice. I thought I had better start eating it or else I might miss out. I was waiting for the plant to get a little bigger but plans changed.
I can see weeds in my photo. The joys of closeups. Time for some weeding meditation this evening.