beetroot and watermelon mustache

From the garden: kale, spinach and parsley
From Elsewhere: New Zealand oranges, beetroot, ginger, watermelon
Wasn’t thinking so clearly this morning and I put the kale straight into the juicing machine before it’s photo shoot. Then I juiced the spinach before the second photo shoot. Ah well. The juice today was A+. The watermelon cancelled out the bitterness of the kale.
A juicing mustache today.


Vegetable garden update

There are many way to support tomatoes. I went with the pole approach. I tied up cord, one fore each plant and secured it at the bottom with a rock. Twisty ties, string and like to tie the branches and stems of the tomato plants for support. I chose the hottest time of day to do this job. Hot. Hot. Hot. Do not do as I did. All done now. Let’s see if it works.
Ignore the weeds. You can see that I have. I am going for imperfect gardening this year. If a job gets done it’s a bonus. If it doesn’t get done. Never mind. I got a bee sting on my stomach today! Ouch!

Let’s juice again, like we did last summer


Ingredients: Carrots, New Zealand oranges, ginger, beetroot, kale and spinach
From our garden: spinach and kale

The vegetable garden is very giving. My spinach seems to have gone from a weenie thing to a giant overnight. I think I blinked.
There is satisfaction in growing vegetables.
Kale is a little bitter so I only included three stems this time around and the sweetness of the oranges and carrots balanced it nicely.
I’m making smaller juices this year.

Not a lemon in sight

My first beetroot of significance from the garden. In all the excitement of bringing vegetables in from the garden I forget to include a lemon or an orange to the juice. The results were a tad on the bitter side. Let’s just say that it took some time to get through a glass. It wasn’t delicious but it wasn’t hideous but it was drinkable, a reminder to add something sweet or sour to contrast bitterness. A lesson learned until I forget again.
I avoided juicing a caterpillar at the 11th second, he held on during the rinsing but escaped the funnel of centrifugal blades and dropped onto the bench in time. Lucky him and lucky me! At least someone else finds my kale edible.

Kale, beetroot, ginger, parsley, carrots.


Beet tops get juiced

I bought beetroot seedlings and I didn’t separate them well enough, hence, I had five, yes, five plants competing with each other. No wonder there was not much happening. I sacrificed the plants and used the whole plants in the juicer. A first time for me to use the beet tops. Nice. All the green vegetables are from the garden. Considering how tiny the beets were it is quite incredible how overpowering the purple pigment is in the juice.

Watermelon came to the rescue to fill out the liquid and to counter with the bitterness of the greens. Not included in the photos as it was a last minute rescue bid.
Kale, parsley, green and red shiso. carrots, lemon, ginger and beetroot.