Malva nut

Malva nut
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full cream yoghurt


Feeling sleepy or energised after eating?


Wonton Soup

After you have a meal are you inclined to feel like a nap or feel energised? Nine times out of ten I would have to say the former. I of course would rather feel the later.
I was talking to DH after have pizza for lunch yesterday. It was fast food pizza, nothing home made. Our once in a blue moon pizza. We were just finishing up and DH said to me, “I feel like a nap now.” I said to him, “so it doesn’t give you energy then. It makes you sleepy. Too many carbs.”
He did a double take and asked me twice about the sleepy versus energy making feeling after eating. He wasn’t sure if I was pulling his leg or not. I was not. Of course sometimes I do if I am in the mood.
Anyway to prove my point today for lunch I made soba noodles* with mountain potato and daikon radish.
I again asked him, “Do you feel sleepy or energised?”
This time he said energised. He had an ah ha moment.

What food makes you sleepy?
What food gives you energy?

*soba noodles are made of buckwheat