Woolly Nightshade

Common Names: Woolly Nightshade, Tobacco Weed, Flannel Weed, Kerosene Plant, Tobacco Bush Weed, Ear-leaf Tobacco, Wild Tobacco,
Latin Name: Solanum mauritianum
Characteristics: Purple flowers with a yellow centre, felt like grey green leaves, leaves smell like kerosene when crushed, can grow up to 10m tree.

A native plant of South America. Present in New Zealand north of Taupo. This plant was pointed out to me. I didn’t know what it was. I thought it looked quite nice until I was told it was a pest plant. Out it went. It is banished from our land. I will watch out for it just in case it tries to creep back in.

For more details on this invasive pest plant see Waikato Regional Council.


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