Wheel on barrow

Sounds like an English pub name, Wheel on Barrow, a drinking establishment in Barrow-in-Furness harking back to the days of wooden carts and straw on the floor. A runaway cart carrying ale could have crashed into the pub beginning the name Wheel on Barrow. I digress. No wonder I don’t get into the garden.  Blame the barrow!

The warmer weather is beckoning me outside. The hurdle that has stopped me from getting outside earlier was the wheel on the wheel barrow. It was flat. As flat as could be. It made me feel flat. Today I got out the bicycle pump and tackled the annoying job. Did it take hours to fix? Was the tyre punctured? No and no. It took five minutes at most. Boy do I feel satisfied. It really is the small things that matter.

On with the garden tidy up so I can get the vegetable garden ready, the outdoor seating area comfortable and the weeds under control.

Now that I’m on an active streak, I will try and do a little something each day. I have a very daring female blackbird that stalks me closely when I’m pulling out weeds and sweeping up leaves. I can almost touch her, she gets so close. She is a welcome garden companion.

Did you know: Female blackbirds aren’t black!


2 thoughts on “Wheel on barrow

    • I thought up till now that it was a thrush, but it was in fact a blackbird. 🙂
      Why do all the male birds get the colours! Brown seems to be a common colour for the female birds. So unfair.

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