Is this the last ice coffee for me?

I am almost a month without caffeine. I asked my husband if he noticed a difference and I was told absolutely. For the better if you were wondering. For me I think it is a good thing to forgo caffeine. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I will never have an espresso or an iced coffee or a latte, pot of tea ever again. No it means that I will give my body a caffeine holiday.
I stocked up on coffee beans so we have four bags in the cupboard. Oh dear. With only half the household drinking coffee the rate of use has dropped dramatically. I used to make a latte every morning. That said, I don’t drink milk now either as I don’t get a chance to mix it with my espresso. We buy a 1l instead of a 2l of milk now.
Do I miss it? Not really. I like the smell of coffee though. Do I crave a latte? No. But if I see a latte served to someone else I think, oh that looks good, but I don’t feel that I’m missing out.
Masala tea would be the only thing that I might miss. I have to try milk with spices instead and see if that makes up for it. I have yet to do this.
At Chinese restaurants now I ask for hot water instead of tea. At Korean restaurants I have roasted barley tea. At cafes I order herb tea. At restaurants I go without.
I may feel differently in a couple of month’s time.


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