Day 11 Caffeine free


Here I am at Day 11 of a caffeine free moment in time. Do I miss it? No not really. Was I an excessive coffee drinker? No. Then what’s the point? I wanted to see if I felt any different without it. Plus the fact that it was easier to give up coffee than the occasional glass of wine or biscuit.
Habits are what they are, something that you do without thinking. To break one is harder than to create one. That is why some suggest to graft a good habit onto a bad old one, that appears to be easier. It all requires thought and will power.
So what am I drinking instead of coffee? Chamomile tea, licorice tea and lemon water.
I absolutely love licorice tea. I love licorice sweets and was eating an obscene amount so I thought perhaps I would look at the tea form instead. It sat in my cupboard for ages. I was rebelling against the alternative from the “real thing”. With this coffee challenge that I have put to myself I revisited my tea cupboard and looked at the licorice tea and brought it out again. Turns out I really like it. Too much. I was reading about licorice tea and it is suggested not to drink more than three cups a day for more than four weeks. I was drinking three cups a day and loving the naturally sweet taste of licorice. I have cut back as I intend to keep drinking it when I get back to coffee. Yes. I said when I get back to coffee. I’m not trying for sainthood here, just a little balance and listening to what my body wants for the best. We all know that coffee in excessive amounts make us a little edgy or shaky but gives the illusion of energising. Long term affects of multiple cups per day of coffee cannot be good for you. I just wanted to see for myself if I felt any better. Less bloated? More energy? Lighter in mood? Less PMT?
I found it easy to give up. However I found the habit of the 3pm cup a little hard to break but in walks licorice tea and saves the day. It has also removed the urge to have biscuits or cake then also. How long will that last, I wonder?
I plan to have my latte in the morning at home. As my only cup of coffee of the day, I shall savour it. Milk makes it sweet enough so that I don’t need sugar either. A bit of a bonus. My 3pm cupper will be licorice tea or masala tea and I may just break out the good china cups and saucers for this. And my night drink will be chamomile tea. And any other drink in between times maybe green tea or lemon water or masala tea. I do have a packet of peppermint tea in the cupboard that I haven’t really given too much thought, that will also be on the menu at our house.
I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I want to be a month without caffeine so lets keep on track. Off to boil the jug, it’s almost three o’clock. Cheers!

Chamomile Tea benefits: Helps you sleep better, Stress reliever, Boosts the immune system, Eases PMT
Licorice Tea benefits: Soothes sore throats, Soothes upset stomachs and heartburn

Note: If you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant then chamomile nor licorice teas are recommended

Caffeine content of drinks from the Mayo Clinic here.

*Licorice tea should not be consumed if you are taking Warfarin.


5 thoughts on “Day 11 Caffeine free

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    • I don’t miss it or crave it. But that’s probably because I know I’m doing this as an experiment and I can go back to drinking it any time I like. I have this plan for 1 month caffeine free. Then I’ll tackle wine! Then sweet treats! Those are the things that will cause me to shake and crumble perhaps. Maybe it will be a breeze? It’s fun, which ever way I look at it. 🙂 If I gave up all three things at the same time then I would possibly be a crumpled mess. Best not to think about.

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