How long do you boil noodles for?

Check the packet and then set the timer. For al  dente noodles reduce the time by two minutes for pasta. But what about homemade noodles? It depends on thickness and what the ingredients are. I decided to set the stop watch and taste test after 2 minutes with a pot of 4 noodles.
The noodles I made were chewy at 2min, 4 min, 6 min, 8min, 10min, and ready at 12 minutes. Chopsticks are very handy for this. I feel almost embarrassed that they took so long to cook. They were thick but they tasted great. 12 minutes. It took longer to cook than over cooked pasta and yet still chewy in a good way.

Below: Readiness Test with four noodles and a stopwatch
Below: Timer set for 12 minutes and watched them boil away in a pot of water.
Below: Pour the noodles into a strainer and rinse immediately in COLD water
Below: The finished bowl of udon noodles with chicken, egg and asparagus
Results: Passed the taste test with flying colours.

Dough rested in a warm spot wrapped in plastic bag covered with a towel for about 3 hours, then rerolled by hand. Cut into pieces to then use with the pasta maker.
Dough rolled out twice on fattest mode, notch 1
Rolled at notch 3
Noodles cut in Fettuccine shape
(Machine used is a Titania Pasta Maker)

For Udon Noodle Making Part 1 check out here.


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