Ginger beer update 1

Bubble bubble toil and trouble, ….

Fermentation is affirmative! Look at that gorgeous activity in the jar. Only five more sleeps and then I can bottle the ginger beer! Then fourteen more sleeps till I crack open the bottle for the taste test trials! These may take place earlier depending on the bubbles. Isn’t this exciting! Who knew I would be so excited by gross looking foam on the top of liquid. Alexander Fleming would be so proud!

I think I have some competition. Someone else I know is getting the ginger beer bug too. This is contagious! That means that we may have an endless supply of undrinkable rocket fuel or a secret stash of liquid gold that now you all know about; that is hardly a well kept secret.

In New Zealand it is legal to brew your own beer. It has always been the case. As long as I don’t sell it I can brew as much as I like for personal consumption. Good to know. In the United States you are limited to brew up to100 gallons per year for an individual or 200 gallons per year per household. Which sounds like a lot of beer! In Iran and Malaysia it is illegal to brew your own beer.


6 thoughts on “Ginger beer update 1

    • I must confess that I went away at a critical time and I couldn’t feed my bug. Sadly I need to start again. Thanks Rab for the reminder to do it today. I bought more ginger! Wish me luck!

      • dig in man, yeah it’s a bit of a bummer when you need to take a break from brewing. I just stuck mine in the fridge for a couple of weeks with some sugar, ’bout to fire it up again today. let me know how you do.

      • Yeah I have about 500 grammes in a tupperware box, add about 200g sugar and top up with mineral or dechlorinated water, it’s good for at least 3 weeks in the fridge. You will find there is a slow ferment, so don’t seal the box, and after three weeks the sugar is eaten so I wouldn’t go too much longer than this.

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