Udon noodles homemade try outs

I was going to share the recipe but then I thought I should trial some recipes with various flour quantities and resting times and such so for now just pretty pictures. I just want to share in my excitement. I did enjoy the part where I jumped on the dough! Yes it was as instructed and yes it was hygienic, the dough was safely in a plastic bag. Dig those heels in ladies. I wasn’t wearing stiletto heels, just socks. It must be spring time because I feel very active all of a sudden. Hibernation is over! I’m hungry!
It may appear that I faithfully rolled out the dough by hand. Do not be fooled! That was a pose shot. Although, I did roll the dough briefly at the beginning before the dough was rested. I let the pasta maker do the hard grunt of the work. Fettuccine mode made the perfect udon noodles. The noodles are drying, I think they like showing off, hanging about the kitchen, look at me, look at me. I think they can be used straight away but I will dry them a little as they do look nice. They look nice so they must taste nice too, right? I cannot wait to try them.
Udon noodles come in various thicknesses and I ONLY like the wide flat ones. So making them myself is a real treat because mostly they come in packets of thick giant fat round noodles that I really don’t like the look of. That’s just me. The flavour is the same but the look puts me off. The style of udon noodle that I like is called “kishimen”. It is eaten in the Nagoya area of Japan.
But it looks like pasta! It may look like pasta but it doesn’t contain egg and there is no semolina. Other than that I completely agree. Some areas of Italy make pasta without egg so perhaps it is pasta?
With the soup I am thinking of putting a boiled egg, asparagus and chicken in the soup. Still deciding.  Taste test results coming soon!
Above: Rolling out the dough before restingudon2
Above: Drying the udon noodles

Talking about stilettos, well, this song just pops into my head.
Annah Mac from New Zealand – Girl in Stilettos
(I didn’t add the youtube video as video takes priority over photographs for some unknown reason in reader.)


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