I’ve got the ginger beer bug

I bought a case of six stoppered bottles last month with the idea of ginger beer in my mind. I had thought about Christmas gifts but then realised that bringing liquids on a plane wasn’t such a good idea, plus they are heavy and the weight limits are quite restrictive to carting large volumes of 750ml bottles around of homemade ginger beer. And what if they decided that the air pressure was a sign to open suddenly. I would not be a popular seating companion. Someone could lose an eye! I could be black listed from flight schedules!

For now this batch is ear marked for household only consumption. We have to taste test the first batch. It could be horrible! It could be very potent! It could be heaven in a bottle.
Many recipes have ground ginger, but I decided to use grated fresh ginger to experiment. When we were growing up we used ground ginger. Come to think of it is is not really a children’s drink but I loved watching the “bug” grow and the exploding bottles in the garage. That was a very bubbly batch! I am reliving my childhood through bottles of ginger magic. Fingers crossed that this works spectacularly.

All ingredients for part 1, wet and dry ingredients separated

Ginger Beer Recipe

1 T yeast
1 t sugar
1 t freshly grate ginger
1 c cold filtered water

Sterilised jar
muslin cloth cover

Place all the ingredients into the jar and cover with the muslin cloth. Leave aside for a day in a warm spot in the house. Do not disturb. Do not stir.

After all the ingredients for part 1 are combined this is what your “bug”will look like.

1 t sugar
1 t freshly grated ginger, heaped

Add the ingredients to the bug every day for seven days. Do not stir.

2 c sugar
1 l boiling water
juice of 2 large lemons
4 l cold water
liquid part of the “bug”

Glass bottles with stoppers, sterilised

Dissolve the sugar in the boiling water in a pot.
Add the lemon juice and the cold water.
Strain off the liquid part of the bug and add it to the pot.
Do not throw out the dregs of the bug!!!
Stir the pot well.
Using the funnel, pour the liquid into the bottles and seal.
Store bottles in a cool place for two weeks. You may want to check on the bottles after a few days to see about the build up of gas. A lot will depend on the temperature where you live. Enjoy the process and let me know how your batch turned out. Or perhaps you have a different method?
Open the bottle in the kitchen sink just in case there is excessive fizz!

the bug dregs
2 c water, filtered

Place the water in the jar that has the bug leftovers, the solids, the dregs.
Half the mixture. Share half with someone else and repeat from Part 2 with feeding the bug. And make some more!

Happy ginger beer making!


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