Slow cooker excitement

Slow cookers are great for days such as this, cold, wet and rainy ones. One umbrella managed to escape it’s owner only to be trapped in a garage next to an orange cone. It would have been better off if it had stayed.

I bought a slow cooker. I thought I was going to buy a crockpot but realised that they are not the same thing.
A slow cooker sits on the bench and slowly cooks the food all day or all night, for many hours at a time. Stews and soups are ideal for this mode of cooking. Whereas a crockpot can go in the oven. So for me a crockpot is just another name for a casserole dish with a lid. I wanted something that I could walk away from and let it do the work.

My requirement were:
1. Oval shape, so legs of meat could be cooked.
2. Large pot, for the option of cooking for large crowds
3. At least three settings, Low, High and Auto(High for 2 hours then Low)
4. Removable bowl

I didn’t need a searing function nor the timer function. I wanted something simple. The more functions you have the less you really use. I wanted a slow cooker, simple. I picked up the floor model without a box and got a great price and it met all my requirements.

So far I have done soups, stews and lamb shanks. Perfect every time. It retains the liquid so they say to reduce the liquid portion. I like the ceramic bowl  and the clear lid, you can peek without disturbing the magic.


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