It’s just a jump to the left

Carrots, beetroot, orange, lemon, cucumber, ginger, and a green vegetable that I don’t know what it is. It’s not gai-lan. It’s not choi sum. Can you identify what I am using?



6 thoughts on “It’s just a jump to the left

    • I’m confused now. I thought it was collard greens a moment ago but now it does look like the silverbeet you mentioned Fordhook Giant. What is the Chinese name for this, I wonder. I will ask next time I go shopping and write it down this time or take a photo. Funnily enough I am growing a red version of this in the garden but it is so small I didn’t realise it was related! đŸ™‚

      • There’s no Chinese name for Swiss Chard that I know of. It’s european. Collards are much tougher, being related to the cabbage family. Card is related to beets. There are white-stemmed (Fordhook Giant and another whose name I can’t remember{, red-stemmed (rhubarb chard…not related to real rhubarb, which has poisonous leaves) and multi colored stemmed varieties.(Bright Lights.)

      • Thanks for replying with detailed names. I still haven’t got to the shop to take photos of the Chinese names. Why do I want to know, its my pedantic nature. My silverbeet/swiss chard is still looking a little under nourished. A slow grower perhaps.

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