Vegetables: Four Weeks On with Thoughts

White flying bugs like to live on the underside of the leaves. If I spray the underside with water they don’t like it and die or leave. This natural technique needs to be repeated as it is far from perfect to remove every bug. They have returned but in smaller numbers.

Takes its time to grow and appears to be last out of the gate in the race. But it may just be a turtle. Maybe it doesn’t like the neighbouring plants? Not sure yet.

Beautiful green foliage, looking very healthy. Need to divide the plants better as I can see three beetroots squashing each other. Do I leave them together or remove two? Is it too late to transplant again? One plant recovering from being eaten by sparrows.  Looking forward to using the beetroot greens in juicing.

Starting to show growth finally, a slow starter. Healthy and not favoured by insects or birds.
I still have not labelled parsley correctly, I wrote celery instead. They look similar when young.

Leaves were being eaten at night or early morning by unknown culprits. Sparrows were observed and disturbed mid munch. Thanks to the suggestion by the “unorthodox epicure” to sprinkle cayenne pepper on the plants to deter the birds. Experiment worked. Plants not in the photograph. Recovering from being eaten prematurely by sparrows.

Starting to take off now with new growth. They have taken a while to get used to their new location. Patience is paying off.

Waiting for the rain to come before expanding the garden. Ground too hard to transplant plants that I want to move elsewhere. Compost seems to be doing its job well.


4 thoughts on “Vegetables: Four Weeks On with Thoughts

  1. Have you tried floating row covers? It comes in different weights. I use the lightest weight for insect deterrence. My spinach stays under cover its entire life and nearly every leaf is perfect. I do the same for cabbage and some others, particularly when they are just getting started.

    I hope this is helpful.

    • Yes. covers are the way to go. Thank you for thinking of my spinach. They are in need of netting but the cayenne pepper did the trick temporarily. The rain has come and so I haven’t needed to water. Three months without rain. Sunshine is always welcome but so is the rain.

  2. Have you tried the old method of tobacco-water? You put tobacco (pipe or regular stuff) on a water tank/ barrel and use it for watering the plants and sometimes shower them with it?

    • I have never heard of this. I just read now that tobacco is a natural pesticide. Very cool. I looked into having a rain barrel and it is another project to do for later.

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