Soft roti again

I wasn’t planning on making roti tonight.  We went to an Indian supermarket and selected the roti to buy then got side tracked with samosa and sweets and the roti got missed off the list. We only realised when we got home and after the curry was made. I decided to make my own as we were looking forward to roti rather than rice.

Soft Roti Recipe:
400g white flour, sifted
2 pinches of salt
1T olive oil
300ml half boiled water, more or less
1t ghee or melted butter
flour for kneading

Place flour into a bowl. Add the salt and olive oil.
Pour the half boiled water.
Stir with a wooden spoon.
Add enough water to form a dough.
Place the dough on a clean bench sprinkled with flour.
Knead for a few minutes.
Divide the dough mix into three with a knife.
Roll out one part into a circle.
Brush on the ghee/butter.
Roll the circle of dough into a log.
Cut into four equal parts.
Turn the cut ends facing top and squash into a round.
Roll out into a circle about 15cm diameter.
Set aside.
Heat a caste iron pan without oil on a gas stove.
Place one roti onto the pan carefully for 5-10 seconds and flip it over.
Watch it bubble up. Flip it after a minute or so. Each roti takes about 2 minutes to cook.
Set aside.
Serve with curry.

Makes 12 roti.

Each stove is different, each heat is different. Experiment with your stove. I used my hands to flip the roti. Be careful not to burn yourself.

This is the second time to make roti for me and this time was easier. The shape of my roti  is getting better. The like the way the ghee shows a spiral shape in the dough as you roll out the roti. I have based my recipe from the one shown here in the youtube video below.


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