Getting rid of agapanthus

What a pile of roots. Agapanthus might look nice but when you want to remove them from the garden they doesn’t go nicely. They are hostile. The garden bed where I removed them from is shown below but there is still work to be done with removing the broken roots. The ground is hard, the soil void of any goodness. There is much to do to the soil before I plant my blueberries. What would be a nice companion plant for blueberries?
I worked up a sweat digging these agapanthus out. That was part of my exercise regime that day. No wonder they say back breaking work. There are more to be dug out but I am taking a small section at a time and focusing on that. I cannot wait to get a car load and take the plants off to the green waste at the refuse station. I want to see the back of them.
I do confess to liking the miniature agapanthus and they are welcome in my garden for now. I do however detest their giant cousins.


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