Something has been eating my spinach

Help me find the culprit! I was having such an easy start to having my own vegetable garden. The plants were growing, I was watering daily, I hoed the rows, removed weeds. Life was sweet. Then I noticed that my plants were shrinking. No, they were being eaten. The whole leaves of the spinach plant are being eaten. Very methodically. I am sharing my garden with perhaps a possum? Are they vegetarians? I think I need a net. Not so happy now.
There’s more. I checked my kale plants and the underside of the leaves were covered in a white flying bug. Horror! I checked the internet and decided to blast them with water. I tried that last night. That might work. We shall see. Progress is being made. I am learning to share. That is why I decided to add spinach to my juice. I thought I had better start eating it or else I might miss out. I was waiting for the plant to get a little bigger but plans changed.
I can see weeds in my photo. The joys of closeups. Time for some weeding meditation this evening.


6 thoughts on “Something has been eating my spinach

  1. Based on the patterns, it looks like something is eating from the top of the plant — perhaps a warm-blooded varmint? Get yourself a couple of cats and a dog, or two. Or, sprinkle cayenne around the plant and over it (no need for the whole water thing). Good luck.

  2. I have the same problems! Solution for me is plant way more than I need, companion plant with lots of lovely marigolds and such, and if necessary spray chilli water on my plants to deter the critters who keep nibbling on them… Good luck. And hey, at least you know your plants are tasty!!!

    • Chili water sounds like a good idea. I will check out what that really entails. I know that my veges taste good! 😦 I like sharing but…show your face! 🙂 I am not a fan of marigolds so can you suggest anything else? I will plant more next time. I just dabbled in the garden this time round to get my hands dirty. I will plant more next time to share with the neighbours, two legged and/or four.

      • Thanks for the link. Excellent. I want to plant fennel, lavender,… I have never heard of tansy. That’s a new one for me. I bought some basil, corriander, lettuces to plant out. I think it is time to expand the vege garden. I like geraniums but I cannot stand the smell. I have heard that there are varieties that have no smell, but then they don’t scare away the bugs. I might further down the road check these out. Red ones. Marigolds remind me of dye making back in high school in the chemistry lab. Still not a fan. 🙂

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