Blueberry lookalike

I saw this vine growing over a fence and had to take a photograph. The blue berries look wonderful with the red stems against the greenery. Are they edible? No idea.
Can you identify this plant?

I have been bitten by a bug, a gardening bug. I haven’t come up in a rash, there is no swelling, thank God, but I feel kind of funny. Funny peculiar rather than funny ha ha. Can I explain this well. I don’t think so. I will have to show you. Don’t worry there will be no embarrassing body photographs like the UK reality show, but there will be ones of plants and food to follow as I make progress. All I know is that I want to convert my little corner of the world into an organic edible garden of Eden.

I went out and bought a blueberry plant. Just the one. I know! I now know that they need a partner. I asked at the checkout and decided to go back another day for the other one. The ordeal was getting too much, the heat of the shop, the selection of choice overwhelming, I needed fresh air. What did I buy? a Blue Dawn, which is a rabbiteye rather than a high bush variety. It has to cross pollinate with another plant of a different variety to get a good amount of fruit. Blue Magic or Tasty Blue is recommended.

You may be wondering why I would go out and buy a plant that I didn’t plan for. That’s simple. Sometimes we just plan and have the details on paper or just in our heads and it never happens. I decided to jump first. I will remove the scraggly plants that are overtaking the area of the new blueberry patch, add some compost and raise the bed higher. Then and only then, will I go and buy a Blue Magic or a Blue Tasty.


5 thoughts on “Blueberry lookalike

    • What an unfortunate name for such a wonderful looking plant. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am in the middle of removing agapanthus from an area and I read that the leaves are poisonous and can give you a rash. I should be wearing gloves. It’s a jungle out there! 🙂

      • Yes. I remember well the day my friend Barbara B and I played “Indian Maidens Picking Berries” in the local poke patch. Came home with brilliant magenta hands that wouldn’t wash off. Interesting time at school the next day.

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