Vegetables: One week on

Planted out some vegetables last week and this is a progress report.
One week on…
I see growth. No, I am not going to measure them. If I was going to do that I would measured them at the start. I am doing a visual report. Less work, more fun. I want this to be fun and not a chore. I enjoy going out to look at the garden. I want to inspire myself to dig up more area and garden more.
I did notice that weeds were starting to appear so I zapped them with my fork. I can see I missed a few.
I didn’t really plan where to plant what, where. I just put them in the ground in rows. I placed the long handled fork on the ground and planted them along the line. I thought that the important point was to start, to do.

Kale – Red Russian 40-60 days (6-9 weeks)
Beetroot – 50 days (7 weeks)
Parsley – after 6 inches
Silverbeet/Chard/Swiss Chard – 50-80 days (7-11 weeks)
Spinach – 45 days (6 weeks)
Shiso – 30-60 days (4-9 weeks)


2 thoughts on “Vegetables: One week on

    • You could be a green thumb in waiting. Don’t rule out having a herb pot or two. I am just doing it, whether or not I have a green thumb or not who knows. If I can eat what I grow then that will be exciting. I’m starting small and keeping it manageable.

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