roti doti moti

Indian split pea dahl with roti

I made Indian bread for the first time. So easy and quick to make. Just a little practice needed for the rolling out. I wanted to make them into circles but they had other ideas. For a first attempt I am pleased.
I used a caste iron pan on an electric stove. For the puffing up part I put them directly onto the stove top element watching them carefully. The results were fine but I won’t be doing that again as the glass ceramic stove top needing extra cleaning afterwards. I think I will use the gas BBQ next time. Less clean up the better.

For the roti recipe visit Pratibha Jani at pratibhajanisvegetarianrecipes


2 thoughts on “roti doti moti

  1. They look great for a first time. Congratulations. It took me only five years as I was growing up, to get them puffed up like mo mom’s . So don’t give up. With an electric stove, you can try to use a ball of small paper napkin or a linen thin wash cloth or a cheese cloth and keep the rotli n the pan itself. After the second turnover, us the cloth to gently dab and circulate around the sides. It should puff up on the pan as well. For the last part use low heat. Good luck. I am glad you did it.

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