Good Monday morning

Who would have thought that plants would bring so much enjoyment. I am watching seedlings grow. I only planted them on Friday. The more you check them the less they grow. They need space, light and water and a little peace from me.Β  They weren’t the magic beans from Jack and the Beanstalk. I wish they were. They are not growing at that pace. I think I would be hesitant to climb them too, not that crazy on heights, plus the fact that there was a giant in the story. I remember that Jack needed to face the giant. No need to do that on a Monday morning.

So parsley, corriander, red shiso, green shiso, silverbeet, orange, beetroot, watermelon and carrots. Nice combination today. Cucumber is photographed but it was in last place to juice and I had enough so that will be lining up in first place tomorrow. No more watermelon. All gone. I was so happy to welcome it into my house but I am glad to see the last of it. Too much of a good thing.



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