The vegetable garden has vegetables

I have thinking about my vegetable garden for a long time. I have been busy composting for a while now and just thinking. Nothing happened for a long time until now. I weeded. I put my old compost on the vegetable garden patch, dug it in and watered it.  Yesterday I bought some seedlings and I planted them out. Watered and ready to grow.

Vegetable Tags made from Venetian Blinds
I had old venetian blinds that I kept as I thought that the strips would make excellent name tags for the vegetable garden. They work very well.

Plant seedlings:
Silverbeet, red
Kale, red Russian
Spinach, perpetual
Green shiso
Red shiso



I also had some herbs that I needed to plant out into pots. I did that job too. No photos. I planted spinach and silverbeet in the pot with the bay tree. We shall see if that was a good idea or not with time.

Herbs planted:
Bay tree
Lemon grass


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