101st post, juicing all the way, ah

Yesterday I did my 100th post so that would make today’s 101st. A milestone. I am getting the hang of blogging. I am getting the hang of juicing. I just re-remembered that there is a “Choose from most used tags” button and I don’t need to type everything in. So busy trying to remember that I forget to look closely!  Little steps.

I don’t really like zucchini/courgette in my juice I have decided. It will be a back up if I don’t have anything green. I like silverbeet a lot now. I understand now why people like to juice greens, it is much easier to eat in a juice rather than cooking. My shiso plant is shrinking. I keep cutting off branches for juicing. I need to plant more. I think I will be running out of it soon. Time to put some attention to my vegetable garden.

Today’s juice  is a better colour. Taste is top.





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