Silverbeet permane

Practically a repeat of yesterday’s juicing ingredients. I like it.
Silverbeet, shiso. kiwifruit, orange, cucumber, ginger, carrot, beetroot.
Again the colour would not make it to the juicing stands, unless it was in a hardcore vegan area of town. Brown does not make for a drink unless it’s beer. Or am I being silly.

I went to a mall yesterday and checked out the juice stand to see what they served. And they served mainly fruit juice combinations, smoothies and salad. I confirmed that juice is best served at home. I had a chickpea curry for lunch from the Indian fast food counter. I had hoped that they had samosa but they didn’t.

I would like to make a pile of samosa, bake them in the oven, freeze them and bring them out as snacks when I feel like something to eat. Falafels would be nice too. That could be a project to make bulk to freeze once a week. My fish balls have all gone. I need to fish some more to make some more.





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