Tofu and fish ball soup


I really wanted instant food last night and I wanted it junky.  I spent so long thinking how hungry I was that it became ridiculous. I had stocked up the fridge with tofu but I didn’t want tofu. I wanted something rich, high calories and fast. I then asked myself, are you really serious about changing your habits, “’cause it ain’t sounding like it babe.” I took the hint and got out the ingredients on the bench and just got on with it. I made a healthy dinner of tofu and fish ball soup. Fish balls I made myself and took them from the freezer. Very quick food to make. I did feel better for making the effort. I’m worth it!
Yeah, I know the chopsticks don’t match but I didn’t really care at the time.
I even boiled eggs and shelled them then left them on the bench and realised that they were not in the soup until the very end. Not to waste, they’ll be in another meal tomorrow.

Tofu and fish ball soup
Makes 2 bowls

2 bowlfuls of water
1 cube vegetable stock
10 fish balls
1 bok choi
1 large mushroom, sliced
shichimi (seven spice)
1/2 block of tofu
boiled egg, cut in half (optional)

Boil water in the jug. Pour water into the bowls you want to eat from. Pour that into a pot.
Crumble the stock cube into the water.
Break off the leaves of the bok choi and add to soup.
Place frozen fish balls into the soup.
Cut up the tofu into small cubes and add to soup.
Slice the mushroom and add to soup.
Boil for 4-5 minutes.
Divide the ingredients out into the bowls and then pour the soup.
Top with shichimi.


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