Jumbo carrots are taking over

I would have thought my juice today would have come out pinkish in colour with all the watermelon but no it was orange. Jumbo carrots were the cause of this. Today’s juice came out a little too sweet. There was too much watermelon so I put some aside for tomorrow. I can completely relate to Goldilocks! Too bitter, too sweet, I want something just right! I think the fun of juicing is finding new combinations.
I try to juice about 800ml to make two big glasses. Watermelon bulks out the volume. I put the vegetable peelers in the dishwasher and didn’t have anything to peel with so I improvised with a zester on the zucchini. That’s why there are interesting stripes down the sides.
I bought some silverbeet and bok choi to add to juices this week. I want to add more greens. Less fruit. We shall see how the combinations go with each other.





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