A watermelon day


Watermelon with a touch of ginger is all that is in my juice today. Refreshing. So colourful.
I pre-cut the fruit the night before and they didn’t look as pristine as I had hoped. That is the reason you don’t get to see other photos today.

I had watermelon slices for breakfast yesterday followed by juice for lunch. A watermelon day. I prefer to eat the seedless watermelons but with juicing it doesn’t matter if there are seeds or not.

So refreshing and filling but with a lightness too. Is this the feeling of pure joy?


4 thoughts on “A watermelon day

  1. Mhm, I have not had the opportunity to try watermelon in my juice yet as it is out of season here in Canada. Sounds amazing though!
    I am currently on Day 40 of a juice fast and am definitely looking to switch up my usual recipes!

    • First of all, congratulations on Day 40 of your juicing. Impressive! πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by.
      Watermelon is in season now and I am loving it.
      I have decided to have a juice day each week. Juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make it a regular event.

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