Bitter sweet medicine

God, This had better be good for me. Today’s medicine was bitter. Does this balance out things for the sweet things I ate yesterday?You have a wicked sense of humour. I mean wicked as in evil or despicable rather than the modern take meaning awesome, I definitely do not want this being misinterpreted. And why did you make so much juice. I have an extra glass today. I won’t promise you anything because I know I’ll break it but I will try and eat less in the way of sweet things. And you can try, well you know already what I wanted to say. Yours, Throve.

Blaming God for my juicing wows. A low blow. I am drinking this as I type and, boy, I must be getting load of nutrients today. I can taste everything. Every mouthful is effort. I love the colour and that is what is letting me overlook the taste. Bitter and sweet is clashing. No more choi sum left. But I think it was the zucchini. Somebody own up please.





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