MSG E621 621


Monosodium glutamate, MSG, E621, 621, whatever you call it, is a flavour enhancer.
The side effects are numerous. For me I know within half an hour of eating whether or not food has MSG in it or not. I get a headache. Today I felt it at the back and the front of the head. I haven’t had a MSG headache in a while luckily but I felt it today. What a shame as the food was so nice in every other way.
Retailers/Restauranteurs can only do so much to declare “FOOD MSG FREE,” but if the manufacturer or supplier changes the ingredients without declaring, then it reflects badly on the retailer/restaurant. I used the word manufacture, on purpose, as much of food today is manufactured.
Lately I have been trying to listen to my body when I eat. I usually eat slowly but I have also been trying to hear what my body is saying after I have eaten. You know how you feel at the end of a meal.
Bloated, feel like you need to lie down, No?
How about feeling like you need to eat more of the same and right now. No?
How about feeling light and full. Yes?
That is what I am trying to go for. Light but full. Watching the food that I eat and see how I feel at the end of the meal I realise that I haven’t been listening for a while, I wasn’t ready. Everyday is a new day. Today I listened.


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