You can’t pick up two melons with one hand

“You can’t pick up two melons with one hand” Persian proverb

I couldn’t even pick up one melon with one hand today. And then I didn’t want to squash anything else in the shopping trolley so I carried it the rest of the way. Then I did weight training as I waited at the checkouts. Just a few twists for fun. I only had one weird look. I had help today shopping at the fruit and vegetable place, so don’t imagine me juggling the trolley, my handbag, the watermelon and the change.

The cucumber with the watermelon has really thinned down the juice and the colour. I have purposely left out beetroot. Not because I don’t like, I love it but I just wanted a colour change. I bought more beetroot today so expect something magenta in the next few days. I think I should be adding leafy greens to my juice to make it “better.” Hey. I’m just glad that I am eating more fruit and vegetables.
I bought some Chinese greens today, Choy Sum, to add to my juicing for an experiment. We shall be doing a taste test.

Back to the proverb…What is your take on it?
Focus on the task at hand. Don’t get sidetracked?
You can’t do something well if you try and do two things at once.
That would rule out multitasking then perhaps? I never was very good at that.





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