Watermelon season has arrived

I just bought my first whole watermelon for the season and it is heavy. They are being sold per unit now rather than by weight. At last!
I peeled my lemon and kiwifruit for a change. Lauren asked me why I use a knife and I could only think of the photo angle for an answer. Peeling lemons has a benefit. The smell is lovely. Cutting a lemon with a knife does not give the same effect. Interesting.
That got me thinking about organic food and my what amounts to a virtual garden at the moment. I do have mint and shiso growing in pots and so that is progress. I am dragging my feet on this. However I did do some weeding briefly today. Excellent progress.
Beautiful colour today and I am enjoying the watermelon blending with the ginger and lemon. Watermelon gives volume. No greens today. More like a fruit juice today.





4 thoughts on “Watermelon season has arrived

    • So far in juicing, I remove the skin on anything that is not organic. I hadn’t thought to use the rind of the watermelon. The white part is supposed to be very good for you too.

      • Ahhh I see. No wonder why you remove all the skins. I try my bet to buy organic fruits and vegetable and wash them in water mix with vinegar because I have been told (by nutritionist and scientist both) that the skin of vegetable and fruits contained the most nutrient (compare by weight).

      • I am working my way to organic foods and growing my own. I thought that I would first start with the habit of juicing. I know the skin is the best and I will get there eventually. I like your idea of washing the vegetables in water/vinegar mix. Thanks for taking the time to write. Have a nice day. 🙂

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