Citrullus lanatus

Welcome to Citrullus lanatus or watermelon.
Watermelon grows wild in southern Africa. How wonderful.
Today’s juice is worth a recipe. Absolutely delicious. And I was due for a colour change.
Ginger was late to the photo shoot again. What a prima dona!
Beetroot wasn’t invited today.

Watermelon based juice
1 carrot
2 oranges
1 lemon
2 kiwifruit
4″ ginger root
1/6 watermelon
010213a 010213b 010213c


2 thoughts on “Citrullus lanatus

  1. Why do you peel your fruit this way? I’m just curious as to why you don’t spoon out the kiwi and hand peel the citrus. Is it just easier for you or is there some other reason?

    • Thanks for asking. I haven’t thought about the way I do this. I remember why now. It is because I take a BEFORE, DURING and an AFTER photo that I cut the kiwifruit this way. More photogenic. No other reason. And about the lemon I hadn’t thought to peel a lemon. Zesting yes but not peeling them. I will give it a try next time.

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