Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Kiwi or North American?
Spot the difference…

North American cookies tend to be softer and sweeter than Kiwi biscuits to generalise here.  North American cookie dough for chocolate chip cookies doesn’t need to be squashed down with a fork before baking.

I think I should point out that I used high grade white flour for the North American version but with the Kiwi version I used wholemeal flour so they look different. Next batch of North American style I will try it with wholemeal and see what happens.

I wanted to make biscuits last night. I wanted to make Kiwi Crisps AKA Chocolate Chip Cookies/Biscuits. I really wanted to make them Kiwi style but I didn’t have condensed milk so I went to the internet and found another recipe. A soft biscuit recipe.
I think I may be switching my “LIKE” preference.
I think I prefer softer biscuits. Maybe it’s how I feel in summer? I’m not a dunker, although with the exception of perhaps gingernuts.  Maybe it’s because I recently visited my dentist and had a filing replaced that fell out at Christmas time has something to do with it? Hard to tell.

And explain to me why I have cravings for sweet things when I am trying to cut out sugar from my diet. It won’t be rid of overnight. I think it will happen gradually. I don’t believe in dieting. I believe in a lifestyle change. I have added tofu back into my diet. So if tofu comes in what unhealthy thing should I remove from my diet? Correction, reduce from my diet? Anyone can do something for a week or two and say look now I’m x kilograms less now. Yippee. But then they return to their old habits and it just causes heartache literally and figuratively. I would rather change bits for the better and make it a keeper of a change. For example I never have fizzy drink, soft drinks or soda. The only fizzy thing I drink is soda water. That was a change I made many years ago, and I have never looked back. I don’t buy fruit juice, too much sugar, but I make my own with a blend of vegetable juice. That way it’s fresh and I know what goes into it. I sidetracked myself. So what should I reduce from my diet? Hints anyone?

I need to get back to exercise again. Someone I follow is doing SPIN CLASSES. I am inspired to move. Now up till now I didn’t really understand exactly what a spin class really was.
Put down your coffee. Swallow.
I thought a spin class was like the spinning Dervishes. Mmmm. I never understood the interest apart from getting dizzy and falling over. I imagined all these people trying to remain in their area the size of a yoga mat while staring at a spot on the wall while pirouetting like a ballet dancer minus the toe pointing to wild classical music.  You can see I haven’t been inside a gym in a while. Now I get it. I feel back with the world again. Spin as in a spinning wheel of a bicycle. Ah well. Doesn’t seem so hard now. Perhaps I might be persuaded to get back in the saddle again.


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