Banana Raisin Cake

Thank you to Vina at her blog for this recipe. I added chocolate icing topped with grated coconut. It is delicious! Perfect with coffee. There is still some left.
You know what I forgot to put in the icing, vanilla essence! I realised after I had knifed the icing around the cake. Only I noticed.

I was pleased with the coconut topping. I bought a whole coconut. It sat on my kitchen bench for ages taunting me to open it. When I bought it at the Indian supermarket I asked a fellow customer how to open it.
“Use a knife and bang it down and revolve it around.” she said.
I was intending to break it by dropping it on concrete. I did try to get the coconut water out using a cork screw on the eyes but the holes were too small and only a pitiful amount came out.
Little did I know to use the blunt side of the knife. Instead I dented my knife! Don’t worry it wasn’t my good one. Who knew that you use the back of the knife to hit the coconut. It is not the piercing of the coconut but the resonating and the vibration that will crack it. I even had an axe ready. Just as well we don’t have a machete. I should have googled opening a coconut before starting that adventure. Luckily no one was hurt in the coconut affair.
So I got the coconut open and then the challenge of getting the meat out! I could have used the curved knife that the guy on the youtube video suggested but I didn’t have one. I used a knife and levered it around slowly. The coconut came away but so did the brown layer. I decided it gave character and left it on. I grated the coconut in the food processor and then placed the coconut in the oven to toast.
For a first attempt dealing with a coconut I think I managed okay. Next time will be less daunting and I will open it as soon as I buy it so the meat will be younger.

It makes me think of tropical islands when I eat coconut. We don’t even have to leave the house to travel around the world.


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