Blood, Bones and Butter

Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton is one of my books of choice at the moment. I have three books on the go, ranging from delightfully fun through to dry and hard going. Then there are the ones in the wings that are waiting for their time.
I went to and checked out their top book lists and came across Blood, Bones & Butter. I accessed my library and requested it and by morning there was an email to say that the book was ready. I wanted a break from the dry. I want to enjoy my food without thinking too much and I thought this would be the ticket. I am on my way and bound for adventures with food. I’m not sure where this book will take me but I am enjoying boarding time.
For starters I didn’t know which way up the book went, I just wanted the rooster to be upright but that wouldn’t be right for the blood to drain out for food preparation. My grandmother refused to eat chicken ever since I knew her, as it was her job to kill and prepare the chicken. She never got over it. I have only ever bought chicken and eggs at a supermarket, or the farmer’s gate for the eggs. I have never had to wrestle with my conscience about killing what I eat. Stabbing a sausage to see if it is cooked doesn’t count.
I like to read or hear how people live their lives and I like to imagine myself with possibilities. Throw in food and cooking and how much more perfect could it get? Sometimes armchair reading is all I need to get inspired. Other times visiting places we have read about makes the experience all that little bit more special. Memories are worth making for that makes us who we are.
Now what page was I on?


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