MIKka-BOzu macaroons

Passionfruit, Mint Chocolate and Raspberry Macaroons bought locally!!!!

Mikka-Bozu is a Japanese expression that if translated means “Three day priest.”
Mikka means three days, and bozu, monk. What it really means is “starts big and fizzles soon after.”  You know like at New Year’s, resolutions and gym membership. I think January must be their biggest month for profit. And I think by March the queue for the machines are enni-minni-mini-mo.
I am not a gym rat. I don’t like it. I have been to a gym. The last one I went to had no parking and I had to pay parking each time and I felt time-pressured and stingy about having to pay for that on top of the membership. I quit after a year. Why a year and not three months, I paid for a year up front for the “cheaper rate”! Suckered. I will not fall for that again.  I didn’t like it when they weighed me with my clothes on on my first visit for the assessment. Gym shoes are heavy! However they do add height for the measurements part. And I am not going to stand there starkers (as in stark naked). Anyway it was unpleasant. I didn’t start today wanting to talk about gym membership or being weighed. Enough of that. I do however have to admire those that do regularly go to a gym. Showing up.
That brings me back to Mikka-Bozu. I bought the THREE macaroons especially for the MIKKA part and I couldn’t find a priest to photograph. I improvised. Perhaps I should have rationed them out over three days to make my point. Damn. Sorry, Father. They have all gone already. My enthusiasm got away on me. Yet again.  They were delicious by the way. Really rich in flavour and crunchy on the outside crust and moist in the centre. The perfect break. Espresso and macaroons. Ahh.
So back to the priest. Do you think it means that it’s easy to be a priest for three days then after that if you fake it you can make it? No. I didn’t think so either. Or that you can sit and meditate for three days like a priest and then give up because God didn’t show a sign? No. Me neither. I think it means that with dedication we can do whatever we chose. The key is to show up. Yeah, just show up. That could be just sitting at your desk. Or being in your studio or classroom, bakery, restaurant, office, shop, factory, farm, dance studio. Not just for three days but for how ever long it takes. To create a habit some say it takes 21-28 days. Then there is the 10,000 hour rule that in order to become accomplished in something, whether it be the violin, baking the perfect croissant, learning a language or painting, you need to spend time doing it. I think that is the same thing, I prefer the MIKKA_BOZU expression. Far more interesting.
Just showing up is harder than it looks. The fact that there is a Japanese expression means that Japanese also have issues with will power and dedication. It isn’t just my problem, but knowing that others are in the same boat doesn’t make be feel better. I would rather have the solution handed to me. But I wasn’t listening earlier. Just showing up. Why is it that it is so hard to just show up? Writer’s block, blank canvas block, forgetting our lines. Why do we feel that every moment must be a masterpiece? It doesn’t have to be that way. That is not reality. Why do we fear doing and instead not act? Because it’s easier.
Van Gogh didn’t sell a painting throughout his entire life and yet he didn’t become famous until after his death. Granted that he did sell his paintings to his brother Theo, his benefactor, but that’s family. He dedicated his whole life to painting.  He believed in himself when no-one else did.


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