Ginni placed third

Ginni deserved a sit down after being paraded about in front of the judges.
Placed a respectable third. I must admit I missed her grading and cannot say how many girls were competing but luckily she wasn’t judged from this photo, this is her least photogenic shot. A rather odd stare. Whatever. Well done Ginni. Judging from the size of her horns and the desire to sit down, just a young one.
Clevedon Market on Sundays, complete with livestock show and stalls. You can get up close and personal with the prize winners too. No autographs but plenty of photo opportunities. Gourmet cheeses, meats, home made pasta, organic foods, sauces, jams, honey, boutique aromatherapy based products and much more.
Plenty of free parking. Well organised.

So how close can you stand next to another person before you feel uncomfortable? What is a comfortable distance? Is it the same with people of the same sex? Or of the same ethnicity? At work or at the bus stop? At a nightclub/bar or at the supermarket? Big city, small town? A child or your boss? Does it make a difference?
How about when it comes to animals? Would you walk up to a strange dog and pat it and say hi? Or would you back away? Avoid it completely? Size up the type of dog and its manner and then decide whether or not to approach? Or does it bring memories to your last dog encounter and you base your approach on past encounters only?
What about cats? Or cows or sheep? Or goats? Or chickens? Hedgehogs? Snakes? Birds?
Do you approach an animal/bird in the same way as you would a person? Do you talk to it and expect a response? Do you treat it like a child and talk in a babyish way, adding -ie on the end, nice doggie?
You will observe that I gave Ginni plenty of space. I wanted to rush up to her and give her a hug and run my fingers through her fur.  I was mindful of the horns and I had never met Ginni before so I erred on the side of caution. I restrained myself, kept my hands to myself  and took a photo instead. What is show etiquette with the winners I wonder? A casual nod of well done in the direction of Ginni and no photo? An offering of a carrot in exchange for a photo? Have I broken protocol? No one confiscated my camera so I must be in the clear. I wonder if Ginni got an extra bucket of carrots for winning?
I had breakfast outside this morning. It was a beautiful warm winter’s day, not a breath of wind. I enjoyed my cooked breakfast of chorizo sausage, streaky bacon, poached eggs and toast and tea. I call it my Welsh breakfast as it reminds me of a wonderful breakfast at a B&B years ago that was so fresh we could almost taste the grass. Rolling green paddocks and farm animals, no names. Delicious. Anyway back to my morning breakfast. I was not alone, current company excluded, I was being observed by the neighbour’s ginger and white cat from beyond the hedge. It wasn’t shy about staring and it was amused until I had finished my first piece of toast, a slice of bacon and one egg and then it stretched itself, scratched the nearest tree and then wandered off elsewhere.
A starling got my last mouthful of toast, I tossed it onto the lawn to see how long it would last. It hopped closer and closer and grabbed the toast in its beak and darted to the side of the retaining wall and then in a triumphant call it flew off elsewhere to enjoy it in peace. There were traces of egg on the toast, I wonder if he minds?


4 thoughts on “Ginni placed third

  1. GINNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grins* I tend to approach everyone the same. With cautious hope that they won’t be an ass. Animals 99.9% of the time never let me down .. not so much humans..

    • Animals are smart. They have no reason to talk for no reason or at all, they have no reason to fill voids of silence. They spend their days just well thinking or perhaps not. They sense fear for survival. They evaluate hierarchy too. Just look at pets and you know how you have been assessed and placed on a lower rung. Who is the real master or mistress? We have just been fooled into thinking that we think we are the superior beast. We just like to seen to be in charge. We want to be needed. Is that such a bad thing? It is all just a game. Roxy is top rung already! 🙂 She just needs to own it, but I’m sure that won’t take too long.

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