Roasting kowiniwini potatoes with Brussel



For the vegetarians who were shocked at the, um, meat, on the plate please note that it was organic meat, if that is a small consolation, and it tasted delicious. Apologies.
All joking aside the Brussels sprout takes the front seat on this one. The base of the Brussels sprout were cut in a deep cross to help with cooking faster and then halfway through cooking, okay closer to the end, I drizzled over balsamic vinegar. Wow. Excellent.  And the kowiniwini potatoes, even the name is wonderful. Delicious yet again. (Rosemary is the spice in the photos along with salt and black pepper and olive oil.)
My only dilemma now is that I have eaten the last in the box of potatoes and I have been to every place imaginable to find some more. No luck so far. I absolutely love these spuds. I perhaps need to return to Huntly to get some more.
Who else sells heritage potatoes near Auckland?
Heritage potatoes, long may they survive so that we can be indulgent in the tastes of the past so that we can carry them into the future.


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