Kowiniwini Heritage Potatoes

I bought my first box of heritage potatoes this week. I chose Kowiniwini. Lovely little purple and white striped potatoes morsels. They came in a box and had been prewashed. I did wash them again, and gave them a token scrapping but I didn’t want to remove the lovely colouring.
I chose roasting in olive oil and rosemary, I did pre-boil them before roasting to reduce the roasting time. And wow what amazing little potatoes. They held their shape well, they tasted incredible, just a hint of nuttiness and I loved the size, tiny potatoes.  I got carried away with my roasted vegetables that I didn’t take photos of the cooked results. I added sweet potato, beetroot and carrots.They were gone in an embarrassingly short space of time.
I will be on the lookout for more varieties to buy and then have a look at growing my own.
Here’s to heritage vegetables and long may they prosper!

Koanga Institute is The Permaculture Institute of New Zealand


4 thoughts on “Kowiniwini Heritage Potatoes

    • They are my absolute favourite of the moment. But they are all gone. 😦 They are Maori potatoes, local ones, but on the box it says originally for the Incas. There is a kowiniwini wind but I don’t know what that means in Maori.
      So how did they get all the way here? Don’t know.
      When? Don’t know.
      By whom? Don’t know.
      Perhaps the kowiniwini potatoes were brought over by canoe on strong trade winds from the Andes via Easter Island then Polynesia? No-one knows.
      I will be buying more when I can find them again.

  1. HI! Thank you for your very interesting posts. My blog has got the Sunshine Award and I nominated you to receive it as well. Of course you can accept it or not ! Best regards. Janina

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