Life is a state of mind

“Live now” on Google Search gives about 4,520,000,000 results.
Live in the moment, live in the present, live now, carpe, diem, seize the day, all the same thing.
It is quite a popular search, don’t you think?
Do you search for what you know or what you want to find out?
I search for the later, to find out information. So there are a lot of people like me who also don’t know how to live in the moment.

I vaguely know what that means.

It means doing what you are doing and being present while you are doing the doing.
Not thinking about having to take the dog for a walk after you have finished the doing.
Not worrying about whether you locked the car door or not.
Not still wondering if the man in front of you at the checkout should really have worn the brown striped shirt with the blue checked tie.
Not wondering what you will make for dinner that night.
It means just doing.
Not focusing with effort, but concentrating in a fully absorbed way.

You know when you interrupt someone who is completely absorbed in what they are doing, and you need to call them a couple of times as they appear to be “in the zone” well I think that is what they call living in the moment. A perfect moment. Sure I have my own moments, I just want to have more of them.

I think it takes time to learn how to do this thing, live in the moment. That seems such a contradictory statement. It should be simple, it should be easy, but we have made our lives complicated and full of clutter. That diverts us from the essence of life and living. Getting rid of the clutter, whether it be mental clutter or physical clutter is necessary, and so is making life less complicated.

I believe having a passion for something is a key to living in the moment. If we have passion for something then we have a desire to do it, learn about it, talk about it, share it and through this enjoy life. It makes us smile more. What could be better than that?

“Life is a state of mind” is a quote from the film Being There (1979) with Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine and Melvyn Douglas and the film has always been a favourite of mine. Chane, the gardener, played by Peter Sellers is such a wonderful character.

Worth a look:


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