Sharp knives, apples and bandages

I didn’t make juice on Monday.
I thought the novelty of making juice was wearing off.
Not so.
On Sunday I cut myself while removing the core of an apple while I was preparing the fruit and vegetables for making juice.
A couple of weeks ago I decided that the knives were blunt so I sharpened them all. Well done I thought. I remembered for the first week that “Hey the knives cut through things so much easier, much sharper. Watch the fingers.” Well I got blase about it and forgot about the sharpness and forgot to move my thumb when the knife came near.
It was only a small cut. There were no stitches. There were no tears.
There was blood.
Ran to the bathroom cabinet for the antiseptic spray with the childproof cap. I managed with one hand.  I sprayed the appropriate thumb. I mopped up the blood, dried the thumb and got the band-aid on. I then went back to the kitchen to finish chopping apples. More carefully this time. I finished making juice. Saga over I thought.
As I made juice today I realised that I was associating juicing with cutting myself. The cut will heal but the memory lingers.
I tend to let my knives get blunt as I know the consequences of a sharp knife. Avoiding it just makes it worse. Case in point. But if I regularly sharpened my knives I wouldn’t have this problem. They would be always the same sharpness and there wouldn’t be a need to alter chopping style. Consistency is the key.
A life lesson perhaps? Preparation, planning, maintenance.

How often do you sharpen your knives?

How handy is your first-aid kit to the kitchen?

And I’m not going to bother to ask if there are any chefs out there who have never cut themselves while cooking, as I know there are none. Just not possible.


6 thoughts on “Sharp knives, apples and bandages

    • For me tomatoes are the deal breaker on sharp or blunt knives. Makes such a difference when they are sharp. You won’t turn back if you start sharpening knives!

  1. Micah managed to stab the palm of his hand while cutting an onion–he was trying to core it, like you would an apple, but the sharp-tipped knife slipped and punctured the skin. It was so bad that I had to take him to the emergency room to get stitches! So I’m glad that at least your cut wasn’t quite THAT bad…

    • I just read as far as the word stab and knew what was coming. OUCH! I can feel hairs on the back of my neck. Mine was a nick compared to that.
      The things we learn to do once only, the hard way!

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