Granny Green Smith Juic’n

I have been staring at my Granny Smith apples in the apple bowl on the bench for a few days now.  I didn’t touch them until today.  Self restraint. They were in the queue behind Braeburn. Yesterday I used the last of the Braeburn. Finally got rid of them. Granny Smith the apple of my childhood, the ones that I remember best. But they used to be bigger and misshapen too.
Today they were finally my fruit and my green, the carrot was my main and the only vegetable. Today’s juice was badly planned but still under my guidelines of something carrot, something green and something fruity. Sure they overlapped but I paid the price, a lot less juice today. I really noticed the lack of green vegetable today. The cucumber or zucchini that I usually run with was out. The liquid just wasn’t there. Didn’t even bother with ginger. The only consolation today was the colour of the juice, not green but orange. Still tasted fine. I have yet to taste an awful juice. Although I don’t really like the texture of sweet potato unless there is something else to mask it completely. Tomorrow is a new day. Cheers!

What is your favourite juice combo?
Do you have a juice that just didn’t do it for you?
Least favourite ingredient?
Do you put spices in your juice?

Vegetable Garden Wish List : Free standing Granny Smith apple tree espaliered to form a hedge


4 thoughts on “Granny Green Smith Juic’n

    • I like the red colour when I add beetroot, but otherwise the orange from the carrots is quite dominant. I never know how it will turn out, part of the fun of juicing. I haven’t stuck to a specific recipe, don’t want to either.
      I think the most work for juicing would be the removing of the pulp and peelings to the compost bucket. Missed juicing yesterday and felt really guilty!

    • My favourite apple. Old-fashioned name, old-fashioned flavour. Tarty. Nice. Now the names of new apples are Pink Lady, and Queen. The names are a changing.

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