Red Hot Juicing

This is probably my favourite concoction so far in juicing.
Cucumber, Carrots, Kiwifruit, Apple, Beetroot and Ginger.
It would have to be one of the brightest juices I have made.

It is a beautiful colour.  I only used half a beetroot.
I peeled the skins off everything except the carrots.  Do I need to peel them too, I wonder?  They aren’t organic. I just give them a good wash and cuts the ends off. Is it enough.  My home grown carrots are still in the seed packet so they won’t be ready for quite some time.


2 thoughts on “Red Hot Juicing

  1. This looks very good…haven’t been a huge fan of beets, but love the color and all of the other veggies and fruit looks fantastic plus I don’t think that the beet would be overwhelming…on my to try list.

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