Herbal Excitement

Herbs are in the house!
Fresh living green herbs. The herb garden project has begun.
What did I buy?

Bay, Lemon Grass, and Thyme

Followed by Stevia and Oregano.
Five plants.  An odd number.
They are waiting patiently to be planted in the garden. I suppose I should water them.
The tag for Lemon Grass has “For Teas,” I wasn’t thinking tea when I thought lemon grass, I was thinking Thai food.
Oregano True Greek? What does that mean?
Stevia, I was excited about this one, as I had read fellow bloggers using it in their recipes and now I can see what it is. I wonder why it was half price?  I think perhaps it wasn’t popular as people weren’t sure what it was for.  Perhaps they need to write sweetener in brackets. Much to learn.
Now to see how much space they need and sort out where to put them…


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