Juicing: Orange, Green and Fruity

Just how many combinations can there be with juicing?
Something orange, something green and something fruity.
That’s my combination.
Plus I always share the juice.
It’s more fun to get healthy with someone than on your own.
Always carrots for me for the base.

Plenty of carrots. I bought 4 kilograms of carrots last week!!!
The last of the zucchini in the crisper.
Last of the nashi pears.
Time to put the kiwifruit with the apples to help them ripen faster.
Nearing time for a trip to the vege shop.

The only thing about juicing that I am not so keen on is the washing of the juicer parts.
I run the hot water and fill up the sink with soapy water and put the parts straight into the sink.  That makes it easier to wash.  Not that difficult really. And the brush that comes with it helps remove the vegetables from the filter basket. Easy really.
Don’t know what I’m moaning about!

Our compost bin is enjoying all the scraps from the kitchen.  Our vegetable garden should produce amazing results.  Not sure whether to go the lasagne layering no dig garden route or just get stuck in with a shovel. The time for cerebral thought is over and time for action is near.

I feel a bit like the child standing nervously at the end of the high diving board staring down into the diving well water below afraid of the dive but excited at the thought of trying something new.  Timing isn’t really an issue for the amateur, you just do it.  Bungy jumping is the same.  Yeah, I was stupid enough to do that too. The mental game is the hardest.  Or take the artist with a blank canvas contemplating the first stroke. It is like most things really.

I’m standing on the edge of my vegetable patch. Looking nervously…waiting…


6 thoughts on “Juicing: Orange, Green and Fruity

    • I had to look up vitamix! We just call that a blender. Don’t have that brand here. That got me thinking, a blender can only handle the soft fruit, the juicers advantage is with it’s ability to get the juice out of the hard vegetables, like carrots. A juicer can’t handle bananas or avocado but a blender can.
      The appliance game in the kitchen is never ending. The jug, the juicer, the stereo and the coffee machine are the ones that stay out on the bench, the rest come and go from the cupboards when needed.
      I know that I eat far more vegetables and fruit now than I ever have. That’s a good change.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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