Order in the House: Drawer Number One

I finally did it.  I put my spices into order.  Not alphabetical order but my kind of order. This has  been a job that I have wanted to do for a while. I wanted to get the spices off the kitchen bench, remove clutter and have them all in one spot.
Top drawer.
Red dots, hot spices, green dots, green leaves, yellow dots, spices for tea drinking in a hurry. No dot, look for yourself, you are on your own.
I cut up board to make the rows even and so they won’t go flying into groups on their own on opening.
Now I could stare at it all day and like a five-year-old, open and close the drawer till the novelty wears off.  I’m scared that it won’t.  Or I could have even more fun getting the rest of the kitchen sorted. And in the meantime make some wonderful food in between opening and closing the drawers.

Open, shut, open, shut,….

Now is that anal retentive or is it a new compulsive ritual in the making?
Or just pure and simple joy?
I’m going with the later.


16 thoughts on “Order in the House: Drawer Number One

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  2. Great idea with the color coding. My lovely sister came to town this past winter and did a number on my spice drawer. She organized it by type of spice. Savory, Indian, Mexi, Sweet, etc… Brilliant!

  3. Colour coding is such a cool idea. Most of the spices I buy come in green-capped glass bottles -for herbs, orange caps for spices and red caps for fiery – so I guess it’s been done for me already! They are all still disorganised, though 😉

  4. I need to organize our spices. Bad. Right now, we have some in a handy dandy spice rack, but most of them are in a crazy-odd assortment of little jars and tins in the cupboard and not easy to get to at all. Love that yours are alphabetized and color-coded!

  5. Well you certainly reminded me of the mess I have in my spice drawer. Not only is it not big enough to hold everything but it takes me far too long to find anything. I have to do something soon. I like your idea of the boards.

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