Tangelo pineapple apple carrot cucumber juice

1 tangelo, peeled
2 carrots, ends removed
1/3 telegraph cucumber, peeled
1 Braeburn apple, small, peeled, cored
5 chunks of pineapple

Juice carrots, apple and pineapple on High.  Juice tangelo and cucumber on Low.

Makes 2 servings

If you leave the skin on, then wash well.

I have been making juice every morning now for a  month and a half and a have to say that I have not had a bad tasting one yet. The colours range from red to orange to green, from dull to bright.  Everyday is a new combination to keep it fun.

I have carrots as my base vegetable, and apple as my base fruit and then some green vegetable and perhaps another vegetable and another fruit or two. I sometimes add ginger.  I’m still experimenting and just choosing what is in season.

Today was my first day to add pineapple to my juice. I think in small portions it makes a nice addition.  I can’t buy pineapple locally so have the only option but to buy imported ones from the Philippines.  I was reading about pineapples and their benefits and thought why not buy fresh.
Pineapples are high in Vitamin C and Manganese.


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